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Excited About Insurance?! A New Customer Speaks to His Biggs Experience

Wow! One of our terrific Account Executives, Karmen Ayres, recently provided quotes to Battle Ground resident David W.; he had this to say about his encounter with her:

Just wanted to drop a note to you about my recent interaction with Karmen Ayres.

First, a little background.

We have had our home and auto insurance with MetLife for about 13 years. We recently had some damage to our roof, and a water leak, due to a windstorm. No other claims in over a decade.

Long story short, it was a nightmare. They didn’t want to cover much, and I had a contractor that was working with them just to cover the basics.

We ended up having to pay a few thousand out of pocket.

After they wrote the checks, we got letters in the mail stating they were dropping our insurance – for both home AND auto.

Well, after this terrible experience (our first dealing with a claim), we found out that a lot of insurance companies wouldn’t cover us since we now have a claim – even though we now have a brand new roof, and all damage is fixed!

So reluctantly I sent your company an email, asking if you could help. I was referred by State Farm, who said you may be able to find something.

Not only was I doubtful, but I definitely didn’t expect what I got.

Karmen emailed me back, saying she thought she would be able to help, and asked me to call her.

What I got when I called surprised me!

Karmen is the friendliest, most respectful person I think I have ever dealt with!

She listened to my story, and then got busy finding something that would work for us.

It didn’t take long till she came back with a couple options, and explained them both to us. She made all the details easy to understand, and broke down all the cost differences.

In the end, we ended up with better insurance than we had before, at a LOWER price!

We also now have a real person who I can call and talk to about questions regarding our insurance!

I told my wife after all this was done that I never thought I could be EXCITED about getting insurance, but here I am! EXCITED!!

I do PR work for my company, so I know how important it is to have a front line person that can make the customer happy. And you most definitely have that in Karmen!

I will be spreading the word about both Karmen, and Biggs Insurance!

Thanks so much, David – Karmen and the rest of the Biggs team are so grateful for your kind words!