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Insure that Valentine’s Day Engagement Bling

If you’re planning to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, make sure your homeowners or renters insurance covers that engagement ring. Rings are the third most popular purchase item in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, according to Slice Intelligence, which gathers purchase data from hundreds of millions of aggregated and anonymized e-receipts. The average […]

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Commissioners Vote to Not Renew Vancouver Energy Lease

As a Port of Vancouver Commissioner, Brian Wolfe often found himself stuck in the middle of the polarizing debate over the Vancouver Energy oil terminal. Wolfe, who retired in December, was generally supportive of the project, but also had his share of concerns – including the potential of accidents and oil spills along the Columbia […]

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Staff Spotlight: Ross Armstrong

Every month, we like to introduce you to one of our incredible staff. This month, Commercial Agent Ross Armstrong opens up about the time he met Seahawks SS Kam Chancellor! You won the lottery! What’s your first purchase? My first purchase after winning the lottery would be setting up my family. As typical as it sounds, I’ve […]

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Taking on Insurance for the Winter Olympics

 Before crowds could gather in PyeongChang for the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, design professionals and contractors created the ice rinks, ski jumps, and bobsled tracks on which athletes compete. For an event as big as the Olympics, professional liability insurers also worked hard to help clients mitigate the risks that come with being […]

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Biggs Insurance Services Annual Premium Contribution Survey!

A key trend for employers today is centered on attraction and retention, and staying competitive with employee (and dependent) healthcare costs. Biggs Insurance Services has launched our 2018 premium contribution survey. This short survey aims to collect responses from all industries and community partners. With the data gathered, we’ll be compiling an annual report to […]

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Holiday Heroes Luncheon honors GVCC Ambassadors

The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) Holiday Heroes Luncheon, the annual celebration to honor the 25 GVCC volunteer Ambassadors, took place Dec. 1 at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver. Another holiday hero – the featured nonprofit – the Police Activities League (PAL), partnered with an on-site Scholastic Book Fair for donations to the PAL […]

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5 Strategies to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick in 2018

ACHIEVE YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS IN 2018: 5 STRATEGIES TO MAKE THIS YEAR DIFFERENT: It’s that time of year again when it’s time to start thinking about all of those resolutions that likely won’t stick. According to a story by U.S. News & World Report in 2015, about 80 percent of people give up these goals by […]

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Staff Spotlight: Julia Briscoe

Every month, we like to introduce you to one of our incredible staff. This month, Assistant Account Manager, Julia Briscoe has great perspective on appreciating the seasonal diversity of the Pacific Northwest. You won the lottery! What’s your first purchase? My first purchase would be a home! With a giant kitchen and family area for […]

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Fire Safety Tips for Your Christmas Tree

Don’t let Christmas ever heat up too much — with fire that is. Did you know that Christmas trees alone result in 13 million dollars, annually, in property damage? More importantly, these fires present real risk towards family and friends. When showcasing a live tree in your home, the combination of tree dryness, electrical malfunction […]

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Multnomah Falls opens to visitors for the first time since Eagle Creek Fire closure

CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. – Multnomah Falls will reopen to the public Wednesday for the first time since the Eagle Creek Fire caused it to close in September. The scenic area, including Multnomah Falls Lodge, the front plaza, and the Interstate 84 parking lot will begin welcoming visitors once again. This will be the first time […]

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