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Our Values

What matters to you is what is most important to us – that’s the Biggs idea.
Here are just a few of the reasons we are driven to be the very best agency for you.


Satisfying Clients
Working consistently and completely to satisfy our clients is at the center of our core values.

Continuous Improvement
We listen closely to our clients, continually strive to improve our processes, systems and skills and follow best practices procedures for our client’s benefit.

Mutual Trust & Respect
We treat each person with dignity at all times whether they are suppliers, vendors, clients or fellow employees.

We strive to work as a team to strengthen our multiple skills sets and broaden our perspectives to produce desired results for our team and clients.

We are responsible for a positive attitude and demonstrating constructive action that leads to completely satisfying our clients.

Community Involvement
We invest time and resources into the community in recognition of our corporate responsibility to give back.

Financial Accountability
We strive for financial accountability and strength through adherence to best practices, thereby increasing long term shareholder value and the ability to share financial success with employees.

Local Independently Owned Agency
We will continue the tradition of local ownership through the execution of internal perpetuation planning and financial strategies.