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Fourth of July ’18 in #VanWA: common questions answered!

Independence Day is almost here and we can’t wait to celebrate our country’s 242nd birthday! Here are some answers to questions that get circulated a lot in our region during the lead-up to the Fourth:

Are fireworks legal in Vancouver?

Nope – at least, not within official city limits. If you’re in one of the surrounding cities, you might be okay. Here’s an excerpt from the City of Vancouver’s brief on the subject:

To assist citizens in complying with the law, Vancouver Fire Marshal Heidi Scarpelli is encouraging people to visit this useful page to determine if they are inside or outside the city limits of Vancouver. Just because your mailing address is “Vancouver, WA” does not mean you are actually located within the city limits.

At the risk of sounding like the no-fun police, this law – which has been in place since October 2016 – is probably for the best; here are some facts from the National Fire Protection Agency:

And just about anyone you talk to has a story about them (or their cousin, or their neighbor…) nearly losing an eye to a rogue bottle rocket! It’s definitely safer to leave the fireworks to the pros, which brings us to our next question:

Can I still see some cool explosions?

Yes! Fort Vancouver will be reprising their much-loved fireworks show Wednesday night at 10:05pm, with free admission as usual – though donations are accepted and a portion of those funds go to support the Lower Columbia Veterans Coalition. More details here – and lest we forget our neighbors to the south, Portland has some fun options too: there’s the Waterfront Blues Fest where they launch fireworks from a barge on the Willamette (you don’t have to be a festival attendee to check it out), as well as a show at historic amusement park Oaks Park.

Whether or not fireworks are your thing, we here at Biggs hope you have an amazing Fourth of July with friends and family!