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direct primary care

On-site, employer-sponsored medical clinics are growing in popularity, as employers look for new ways to manage health care costs and employee wellness becomes a bigger priority. An on-site clinic can have many benefits, but it is not the best choice for every employer.

Implementing an on-site medical clinic typically only makes sense for employers with several hundred employees or more at one location. However, some smaller companies partner together to offer joint clinics near their workplaces. Another emerging option for smaller companies is a mobile health van service, which can be contracted to visit the workplace periodically.

Services offered in an on-site or near-site clinic vary widely by company. Some clinics offer comprehensive primary care services, while others are meant to simply supplement the employees’ primary care provider. These supplemental clinics may offer diagnostic services, injury care, pharmacy access, preventive care, wellness services and more. Employers can also choose the availability of their clinic; larger employers may keep it open throughout the workweek, while companies with a smaller budget may limit the days or hours the clinic operates. In addition, some clinics provide services to spouses and dependents as well, while others are limited to employees.

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