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Wellness benefits refer to the education and activities that a workplace may implement to promote healthy lifestyles to employees and their families. Examples of wellness programming include health education classes, subsidized use of fitness facilities, internal policies that promote healthy behavior, and any other activity, policy or environmental change that affects the health of employees.

At Biggs Insurance Services, we can design wellness programs ranging from basic to comprehensive. Many programs require a minimal investment of time and money. More substantial programs often use more resources, but the many benefits to supporting and encouraging employee health and wellness outweigh the costs.

A wellness program will impact your company’s bottom line by:

101 Wellness Challenges

Whether you are an individual trying to improve your personal well-being or a health professional designing wellness programs for large populations, it’s important to ask yourself this question: If you aren’t building habits, what are you doing?

Man tying jogging shoes.He is running outdoors on a sunny day.

You are the sum of your habits. The way to redefine yourself is to change your habits.

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