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disability income

Who will provide for you, your family, or those of your employees if you or your employee is unable to work full time due to illness or injury?

Many people plan for losses pertaining to their cars or their home, but many more do not prepare for an injury or sickness that results in the loss of all or a portion of their income. Biggs specialists can help you to assess your financial exposure and offer affordable solutions so that you and your family never need to experience a loss of income without protection in place. We can do the same thing for your employees.

“According to a recent study – men have a 43% chance of becoming seriously disabled during their working years, while women have a 54% chance. And while there is no way to predict who will become disabled during their working years, and it is difficult to imagine becoming disabled…it is easy to picture the consequences. Without income, savings are rapidly depleted as the struggle to maintain the household and pay medical bills escalates. Many begin to suffer real financial need – often with no end in sight as the disability lingers on.” (The Treiber Group)

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